International Webserie Fest of Calais

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The International Webserie Fest of Calais (IWFC) is dedicated to the recognition, dissemination and award of serial productions made for the web and mobile devices.

What is a webserie for the IWFC ?

For IWFC, a web serie is a contemporary audiovisual product in a short duration format, produced to be watched on the WEB and specially on mobile devices.

Why IWFC is unique ?

The IWFC will include a spacial and unique category in the world which will be the interactive Webseries.

What is an interactive webserie for the IWFC ?

For IWFC, an interactive Webserie is a product format where the pleople can choose on their screen (or by a click) the next events of the video, as a gamebook.

Prix et récompenses

Best Sci-fi
Best Comedy
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Horror
Best Drama
Best Interactive
Best Director / First-time Director
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Script
Best Picture
Best Original soundtrack
Best French Webserie
Best International Webserie
Fan Award

Meilleures Webserie IWFC

1st place
500€ + statuette
2nd place
3rd place